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The bee's knees

The bee's knees


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  • Clever titles and lovely paintings Diana! This is my favourite, the bee is beautifully painted and the blues of the Sea Holly are a perfect contrast.

    Posted by Christine Davies on Thu 25 Jul 15:23:01
  • Lovely watercolour Diana, gorgeous colours and super work on the bee

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Thu 25 Jul 15:27:00
  • Thank you very much. My favourite too. I just love painting in shades of pink to mauve to blue. I haven't done any watercolour for months so it was nice to get back.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Thu 25 Jul 15:43:15
  • Stunning.

    Posted by Dawn Broughton on Thu 25 Jul 16:53:06
  • Oh, oh oh how did you get those filigree wings on the bee ? Very beautiful.

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Thu 25 Jul 18:34:36
  • Even better, what a talent, just love the way you capture the detail and your delicacy of touch. Superb work as always.

    Posted by Peter Nelson on Thu 25 Jul 19:33:42
  • Well my work's been called several things but never delicate LOL. Thank you very much. Sylvia, the wings were easy. Plain white paper with just touches of a much paler shade of bee in certain areas then a very thin wash of violet over everything.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Thu 25 Jul 19:55:39
  • Very very beautiful! I like this Diana.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Fri 26 Jul 10:16:58
  • This is just so beautiful, love the Bee.

    Posted by karyl Quigley on Fri 26 Jul 10:36:40
  • Beautifully done, Diana. Love the detail.

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Mon 12 Aug 14:25:10