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Mugshot of "The Lodger"from the back

Mugshot of


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  • Great composition and beautifully drawn. Love the little white paw sticking out - makes it for me!

    Posted by Thea Cable on Mon 24 Jun 22:08:03
  • This is just beautiful, I love it,

    Posted by karyl Quigley on Tue 25 Jun 08:05:34
  • This is lovely - looks finished to me, don't see how this could be improved. Had a quick look at the rest of your Animals portfolio - just lovely. Never thought about using charcoal/charcoal pencils to do my drawings - will give it a go. Keep up the good work.

    Posted by Deborah Warner on Tue 25 Jun 10:26:56
  • Thanks Thea, Karyl and Deborah. I'm enjoying using charcoal again-these things go in phases, so don't know how long this will last. Thea, I must say how impressed I Was when I looked through your portraits. They are so charming! I don't think I was checking in on the site when you posted them.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Tue 25 Jun 18:07:53
  • Even from the back one can feel his personality. Beautiful relaxed position, well done.

    Posted by Fred Elwell on Wed 26 Jun 20:27:41
  • Marvellous work Marjorie, that white paw is a super touch and the coat is so realistic I feel I could put my hands into it and give him a lovely cuddle!

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Wed 10 Jul 16:00:08