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Kynance II

Kynance II


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  • Lovely work, Steve, I must visit your blog and read your LP article, as have tried a few acrylics recently and could use some guidance.

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Sat 22 Jun 12:30:36
  • I agree that sounds really interesting Steve, I got some acrylics but only made a rather dithering effort with them and then just after I started I think it was Robert who commented on someone else's acrylic painting that they gone overboard with using it like watercolour resulting in a really wishy washy painting, I read that and stopped in my tracks with mine because realised that was exactly what I had been doing, so put it one side and never priced it up again because it was just easier to go back to my easier regular medium! Anyway love this paintings of yours from Kynance Cove Steve, it is super work

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Sat 22 Jun 12:54:23
  • This is great. I like acrylic on watercolour paper too. Constable even used oils but only on 100% cotton paper. This works really well.

    Posted by Dawn Broughton on Sat 22 Jun 14:38:01
  • Cheers Stephen, Ros and Dawn. If I can be of any help with the acrylics Stephen, just drop me a line on the blog. Our first attempts at any medium should be seen as just that Ros, even if you think they're wishy washy. Like any other medium its just down to practice and being able to accept that not all our ducklings will turn into swans :-) Have another go, its only paint.

    Posted by steve strode on Sat 22 Jun 15:41:38
  • Lovely and I have been there many times in the past, water very cold though.

    Posted by karyl Quigley on Sun 23 Jun 09:04:41
  • Cheers Karyl, I get down there to paint with a couple of artists most years at the close of season, and every year one of them goes for a dip and assures me it sets him up for the day...I'll take his word for it and stick to my cup of tea :-) All the best, Steve

    Posted by steve strode on Sun 23 Jun 10:41:39
  • Stunning..

    Posted by Elizabeth Yuill Proctor on Mon 29 Jul 02:43:37
  • Cheers Elizabeth, All the best, Steve

    Posted by steve strode on Mon 29 Jul 08:21:10
  • Hi Steve: I found your lovely works, and blog, whilst surfing the internet for just the right painting of Kynance Cove for my wife..... Forgive my ignorance, but is this painting, and any of your others, for sale? thanks very much. Peter

    Posted by Peter Standring on Mon 28 Oct 16:34:42