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  • Beautiful and unusual!

    Posted by Ann Cook on Wed 12 Jun 13:53:11
  • I like it too! Of all the Venice paintings I've seen, this one is really different...artistic...

    Posted by Cheryl Nielson on Wed 12 Jun 15:45:24
  • This is a stunning and quite unusual view of Venice, super rendition of the water and the waves in it lapping against the gondola's

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Wed 12 Jun 18:06:07
  • Love the misty background in this.

    Posted by Fred Elwell on Wed 12 Jun 19:36:57
  • Beautiful and mysterious.

    Posted by Gudrun Ståhl Sharpley on Thu 13 Jun 12:06:49
  • Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Venice is a awesome inspiring location at all times of the day and night

    Posted by Podi Lawrence on Thu 13 Jun 14:02:03
  • Beautiful work Podi. I've just returned from two weeks in Venice. I have to admit up until then, I didn't "get it" with Venice. Loads of artists paint scenes but it never attracted me. Until I went there. An overload to the senses, I didn't know where to look next! Now I can fully understand how an artist could spend a lifetime there and still not cover half of what Venice has to offer. And you're right, from the early morning mist (as you have painted) to the heat and sunshine of the day, right through to the night. Just gorgeous.

    Posted by tony challis on Fri 14 Jun 11:14:01
  • Love it - especial the the light of the misty distance .

    Posted by Rob Brown on Sat 03 Aug 13:16:52
  • Love the background...v. atmospheric

    Posted by Caroline Kinley on Fri 09 Aug 12:24:50
  • Gr8 work! Who can resist Venice? I have painted a similar work from the Grand Canal,but with San Giorgio in the misty backround. Brings back wonderful memories of my honeymoon with my late husband.

    Posted by Judith Viti on Sun 11 Aug 07:03:35