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Sunderland Point near Lancaster

Sunderland Point near Lancaster


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  • Beautiful scene Graham, I grew up very close to Sunderland Point and you have really captured it well here, lovely colours

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Thu 21 Feb 20:47:22
  • Thanks again Ros. I was a little braver with my sky this time, but think it worked? My Mum grew up in Heysham and she had friends on the Point. She spent a lot of time growing up there, so this painting went down well! It's a lovely spot isn't it?

    Posted by Graham Bellhouse on Thu 21 Feb 21:02:21
  • Your sky works perfectly Graham, you are right it's very picturesque area, I went to the old school in Overton, before it moved up onto the high road so that's how I know the point

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Fri 22 Feb 00:46:11
  • My Grandma was the Head Cook at Overton School for a long time! 60's & 70's i think?

    Posted by Graham Bellhouse on Fri 22 Feb 19:16:09