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Green Is Still Good

Green Is Still Good


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  • I like all of your paintings, and especially this one (don't ask me why this one as opposed to the others - my choices are rarely rational!). I just wonder whether twigs and found implements really make so much difference .... in watercolour they do, but I sometimes wonder if one couldn't get just the same effect with conventional implements .... but perhaps the choice of twigs, for example, liberates the hand and makes one feel less constrained.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sat 12 Jan 21:56:24
  • Robert, thanks very much for your comment. I think you are correct about the use of twigs giving your hand more freedom while painting and this in turn helps to create more fluid lines and shapes which I don't get with brushes and knives. Also I can pare the twigs down to any width I want to achieve the effect I want in the painting.

    Posted by Martina Furlong on Sun 13 Jan 06:53:37