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The Arty Farts 14

The Arty Farts 14


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  • Aaaargh..........the competition is fighting back - why didn't I think of this one? - Round 14 to James !!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Michael Edwards. on Mon 26 Nov 20:33:26
  • HaHa thanks Michael !

    Posted by James Lazzari on Mon 26 Nov 20:34:42
  • Ha ha, the two-faced b****r ! Nice one one James.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Tue 27 Nov 10:16:52
  • Thanks Carole, now I'm struggling with a Canvas Painting I'm doing for Christmas, I keep having to paint over mistakes, wait to dry, paint again, and again and again! It's a shame, I should have left it just with the lovely smooth red background! :-)

    Posted by James Lazzari on Tue 27 Nov 11:27:15
  • Very good James! I don't know how you and Michael invent these exraordinary little gems but they are always sooo good!

    Posted by Satu Vartiainen on Tue 27 Nov 18:25:20
  • Very good of you to say that Satu! I think Michael & I are probably slightly insane ? haha hee hee

    Posted by James Lazzari on Tue 27 Nov 19:59:01
  • James sometimes it's a mistake to alter things, but if your're like me you always have to try and make it look slightly better? Occasionally it pays off sometimes it don't! that's the trials of art I suppose (headaches!)

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Wed 28 Nov 09:19:42
  • Fabulous, James! This really is a winner!

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Wed 28 Nov 11:58:41
  • Ha ha nice one James!!

    Posted by Debs Jones on Wed 28 Nov 12:54:19
  • Hey Seok & Debs thanks for your support ! xx

    Posted by James Lazzari on Wed 28 Nov 19:29:41