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  • You've done a superb painting from that photo Diana, the bunny is lovely but I like the way you've painted the background as well it looks so natural.

    Posted by Val Kenyon on Sat 29 Sep 16:39:26
  • Thank you Val; for once i think I got leaves right LOL. I think it needs a few negatively painted leaves in the darkness.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Sat 29 Sep 16:49:48
  • Lovely creature, Diana.....Hope he doesn't grow up to nibble too much of that beautifully painted foliage!

    Posted by Ruth Dolan on Sat 29 Sep 17:28:55
  • Great work Diana!! Not seen any work here for ages. Love this piece :)

    Posted by Paul Beattie on Sat 29 Sep 17:46:06
  • Thank you Ruth and Paul. No Ruth it hasn't been back eating plants once it realised there are dogs here LOL. There have been plenty of paintings Paul; the latest for the HeptARThlon competition

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Sat 29 Sep 17:53:25
  • This is lovely Diana - they are lovely little animals but they destroy our vegetable patch as we have lots of them here so we are getting a rabbit - proof - fence next spring (thats a great film by the way - called rab proof fence). I dont think you need any more darks ? your darks are very clean - what colours did you use ? I havent done any wc in ages and really miss it but oils are easier to do plein air ?

    Posted by norah blount on Sat 29 Sep 18:03:15
  • Lovely painting

    Posted by Glennis Weston on Sat 29 Sep 18:16:12
  • Burnt umber and prussian blue for the darks. We gave up on growing veg but because of slugs not rabbits. This is the first we've seen in the garden in over 20 years; same week as that incredible pheasant.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Sat 29 Sep 18:19:26
  • Lovely painting. Palette and textures are great.

    Posted by Gudrun Ståhl Sharpley on Sat 29 Sep 18:32:56
  • I like this - we see quite a lot of these: my landlord wants to shoot them, my landlady catches him polishing the shotgun and shouts NOOOOOO! And I creep up on him when he's taking aim and just say "Boo!" It's amazing I've not been evicted, really. But they really are a blithering nuisance, unfortunately. Still, if you go to my mate Ken Bushe's website, you'll see he's got a rabbit: great painter: and great rabbit! I think, Diana, you've well and truly got your mojo back.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sat 29 Sep 19:21:58