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  • This is lovely, so cool and green. Beautifully done.

    Posted by Gloria Gill on Sat 11 Aug 19:34:37
  • I commend your spirit and am grateful that you are sharing your work with us. This is an exciting painting, full of vim and vigour.

    Posted by Gudrun Ståhl Sharpley on Sat 11 Aug 20:37:37
  • Ah - I like to paint and draw standing up, but half the time I can't do it.... I've been very fortunate though, in not getting arthritis in my fingers; I can just about begin to imagine what that's like - movements I can still take for granted being painful or impossible. Still, we carry on because we've no bloody choice! You'd never know you had such problems from this painting; greens sort of grow before your eyes - before you know where you are, they've covered the paper or canvas. Still, as someone said (John Blockley, I think) if you see a jungle, paint a jungle. I've taken a considerable amount of comfort from that advice!

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sat 11 Aug 20:52:48
  • You'd never know you've had difficulty painting this, Charles. It's a beautiful woodland scene with such depth I feel I could walk into it. Great light and shade too.

    Posted by Jane Adams on Sat 11 Aug 20:57:37
  • Out of diversity etc. Despite your problems you have really made something special out of this scene and I take my hat off to you Charles.

    Posted by Michael Edwards. on Sun 12 Aug 06:34:10
  • Green again but such a wonderful mixture of greens and all looking so natural. I can see myself walking that lane wondering just what is around that corner. I hope you feel better soon, I know arthritis doesn't go away but sometimes eases with the weather conditions, lets hope for more dry sunny weather!

    Posted by Glennis Weston on Sun 12 Aug 09:07:43
  • Great work, love your depth of colour and detail of your compositions.

    Posted by Peter Nelson on Sun 12 Aug 10:40:51
  • Lovely composition here, and you've captured the height of summer so well, beautiful work.

    Posted by Lesley Dabson on Sun 12 Aug 14:43:44
  • Beautiful Charles......... a lush vision with wonderful lighting.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sun 12 Aug 19:19:28
  • A stunning painting Charles, how you manage all that delicious green detail beats me!

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Sun 12 Aug 20:53:21