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Ashton Memorial Lancaster

Ashton Memorial Lancaster


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  • A great painting of a great landmark. I know it well having spent 5 years travelling up to son at Uni and even better now that he lives there. Like the vignette style.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Sun 29 Jul 23:40:04
  • Thanks Diana, my son is now at Lcr Uni. Thank you very much for your comment. I'm new on here. I think I need to crop my paintings properly. Useless at IT! I've done one of the Maritime Museum, but struggling to upload it!

    Posted by Graham Bellhouse on Mon 30 Jul 20:22:27
  • Diana, I have just looked at your portfolio - I have a lot to learn!!! fab

    Posted by Graham Bellhouse on Mon 30 Jul 21:00:27
  • Well thank you but yours is just a different style and it's lovely. I wish I could paint so lightly. Re the photo, I don't know if you have a photo editing programme (The Gimp is a good free one) but I'd suggest you try to adjust the brightness/contrast to get a bit cleaner white.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Mon 30 Jul 23:24:56
  • BTW your son will LOVE Uni; tell him to join every thing in year 1 and make the most of it but remember year 2 is part of the degree and time to knuckle down.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Mon 30 Jul 23:26:08
  • Lovely delicate style to this. Like it.

    Posted by Pat Harris on Wed 01 Aug 23:00:14
  • Thanks Pat, very kind.

    Posted by Graham Bellhouse on Sun 12 Aug 19:06:35