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Cross Bay Walk

Cross Bay Walk


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  • Great sky here and feeling of wet sand. Can I suggest you put your photographs onto something like Picassa. , a free download from google. Crop, straighten and maybe tweaks little bit. It is easier to see a well presented painting without its frame and the wall... You are doing yourself a disservice.

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Sat 28 Jul 22:43:02
  • Very effective Graham. I like it.

    Posted by Paul Fowler on Sun 29 Jul 00:01:06
  • Lovely portfolio.Nice paintings. I'd agree with Sylvia in that if you are going to paint nice stuff,which you are,then maybe think about going one final step and use just a few little tricks to make them look as good as you can without professional photography being employed.Photograph before framing and use a free programme like Irfanview or Gimp to restore the original colour bleached in the photography and to crop them.Just a suggestion but either way congrats again

    Posted by Larry Reynolds on Sun 29 Jul 07:47:41
  • A lovely collection of watercolours Graham, you are building a very nice gallery.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sun 29 Jul 12:02:05
  • Very topically, from a distance your figures look like the runners in Chariots of Fire! Lovely sky and great atmosphere.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Sun 29 Jul 13:24:02
  • Thank you all for these lovely comments and for your advice. I will look at the sites to help with my presentation.

    Posted by Graham Bellhouse on Sun 29 Jul 20:08:32
  • Great work Graham and the first time I have seen anyone capturing the cross the bay walk!

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Sat 14 Sep 22:10:10