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CHEE DALE (2) Derbyshire

CHEE DALE (2) Derbyshire


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  • A nice array of different greens and great picture :)

    Posted by Sarah Bottjer on Sat 28 Jul 17:20:55
  • A real beauty, Charles with so many components - the strength of the rocks, the variety of greens and the moving water. It demonstrates your skills!

    Posted by Jane Adams on Sat 28 Jul 17:30:27
  • Green with envy Charles - a great painting

    Posted by Michael Edwards. on Sat 28 Jul 17:49:50
  • Very nice Charles, the rocks look vary realstic.

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Sat 28 Jul 18:12:23
  • Beautiful painting Charles

    Posted by Glennis Weston on Sat 28 Jul 20:37:06
  • Completely recognizable style - another great painting. I don't completely understand the difficulty with painting greens, to be honest - I think people get frightened of them; whereas a green-tending blue, like Pthalo, and a green-tending yellow, like Lemon Yellow, will give most of us a good range of bright greens: then all you need to do is modify them, by mixing in the complementary colour, which is red..... This seems to induce total panic in some - who will always resort to tube greens; nothing wrong with those, but a basic understanding of the way colours work together is always going to be preferable to just stabbing the brush in a range of tube greens and hoping for the best. Some want to paint like Titian, while doing no work in understanding colour - t'aint going to work.....

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sat 28 Jul 20:51:00
  • This one attracted me to your gallery. I must say it is a very fine collection.

    Posted by Pat Harrison on Sun 29 Jul 06:28:42
  • A beauty Charles. Well done.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Sun 29 Jul 08:37:16
  • Another masterclass in greens Charles.

    Posted by Val Kenyon on Sun 29 Jul 11:33:30
  • Three of my favourits elements here Charles; water, limestone crags and trees!! It's a winner with me.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sun 29 Jul 11:53:47