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CHEE DALE - Derbyshire

CHEE DALE - Derbyshire


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  • A lot of green, but such variety and beautifully painted

    Posted by Glennis Weston on Sat 21 Jul 17:16:43
  • Lots of greens and very beautiful and lush they are, Charles. Are those foreground plants gunnera? I really like the variety of shades you have on them.

    Posted by Jane Adams on Sat 21 Jul 17:26:27
  • No Jane, gunnera grows a lot bigger. --- Its what we in Notts - Derbys call wild rubarb ( I can't at this moment remember its technical name ) --- can grow to 3-4 times bigger than rubarb---- NOT to eaten

    Posted by Chas Wilby on Sat 21 Jul 17:46:46
  • Very nice execution of green..Love it..!!

    Posted by Shakhenabat Kasana on Sat 21 Jul 17:52:53
  • So many beautiful greens too Charles, this is one of my favourite places.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Sat 21 Jul 19:18:02
  • This draws the eyes in, lovely painting.

    Posted by Pat Harris on Sat 21 Jul 20:13:46
  • Summer - should we ever have one - presents all sorts of problems: so much green, and only so many ways of mixing it - I like mixing greens, rather than using tube colours (especially sap green and olive green: although I've used both) - I find a touch of red, eg Burnt Sienna, can be helpful: there's always a dead or dying tree in any landscape, which can break up the otherwise unrelieved greens. Here, the deep darks set off the lighter greens - it's another way of dealing with a common problem, and works well.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sat 21 Jul 20:14:15
  • Just beautiful Charles. I love the rock face, is it good old Derbyshire limestone?

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sat 21 Jul 23:13:08
  • Very beautiful. A harmonious palette.... the greys and greens go so well together and the red path brings a change.

    Posted by Avril Soldani on Sun 22 Jul 08:41:33
  • Anyone who can tackle green in this amount gets my vote - so hard to pull off. You have definitely pulled it off as your green foliage is light, airy, dark where it needs to be and although representing what is actually there, has an real artistic interpretation - also hard to pull off. A masterclass in using green I think!

    Posted by Thea Cable on Sun 22 Jul 09:53:55