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  • This is truly a great picture, the water is so wet looking, great technique!

    Posted by Wyndham Sexon on Thu 19 Jul 12:50:59
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I like paintingwater and don't do enough. I really don't like acrylics; watercolour is my thing. I had always found acrylics to dry too quickly for blending and my colour4s stay too strong but for some reason I had no trouble with this. Seeing it online now I think the front of the kerb needs to be just a little darker.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Thu 19 Jul 13:07:57
  • wow, the detail is excellent, and as good as a photograph. excellent painting :-)

    Posted by Rebecca Louise Saunders on Thu 19 Jul 13:46:10
  • It's the wellies/shoes that caught my eye, exceedingly wet looking.

    Posted by Val Kenyon on Thu 19 Jul 16:03:43
  • A great composition and so well painted, Diana. You should do more like this with your acrylics.

    Posted by Jane Adams on Thu 19 Jul 17:16:51
  • Thank you all ever so much. I am not at all confident with acrylics and the more i Look at this the more I want to alter. His wet pants don't look wet; they look two tone and I'm not happy with the grass. Why don't I see these things when I'm doing it?

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Thu 19 Jul 17:21:04
  • You don't see these things when you're doing it because you're not used to working in acrylics, that's all.... I like this (why do small boys ALWAYS stamp in puddles of water?) and of course the great thing about acrylic, unlike watercolour - although it's not true you can never re-work a watercolour - is that you can come back to it again and again if you want to, and new paint is indistinguishable from old. How I've relied on that in the past......! (I'm working on an oil by the way, for the first time in months - beginning to understand your extreme reaction to solvents..... I forgot to open the window and went to bed feeling ever so slightly ghastly....)

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Thu 19 Jul 17:40:15
  • A great action picture and so appropriate of late. I love the wet shine on the willies!

    Posted by Julie Bosley on Thu 19 Jul 17:45:18
  • YOu could well be right Robert; it;'s just such an alien way of working and using white doesn't come easy. Yes oils can be awful. I bought Artisan water based oils and find I can use those easily but just can't use any thinners. I even had a bad reaction to pastels.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Thu 19 Jul 17:52:05
  • Oh Julie I do hope you meant wEllies! LOL

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Thu 19 Jul 17:53:13