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  • An ambitions project, well executed. What a pointy sharpener you must use! Well done

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Wed 27 Jun 19:45:49
  • Great title and well executed!

    Posted by Debs Jones on Wed 27 Jun 20:06:48
  • Well thank you very much but I honestly don't find anything ambitious about this either in et drawing or the painting. It was very straightforward. I just used a heap of pencils then made the colours all the same

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Wed 27 Jun 21:16:22
  • Getting them all the same, and the lines so straight shows how skilled you are! The colours are not all the same any way.

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Thu 28 Jun 01:14:30
  • No I meant I'd laid out my own mixed colours of pencils to get the design then made them all red using the shadows on my mixed pencils to assess how they'd change the red tones.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Thu 28 Jun 01:33:47
  • Lots of fun ..... I like this.

    Posted by Avril Soldani on Thu 28 Jun 08:10:44
  • Very impressive and very different, love it.

    Posted by Glennis Weston on Thu 28 Jun 08:36:38
  • Wow, what a striking image, and I love your title!

    Posted by Lesley Dabson on Thu 28 Jun 09:06:56
  • A very eye- catching painting Diana. You have a lot of skill and patience - the eFfect of the sharpened wood is excellent.

    Posted by Julie Bosley on Sat 30 Jun 07:31:40
  • Great title, and a witty composition. And it's fabulously fun to boot! Love it!

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Sun 22 Jul 02:25:18