Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Fantastic, Anthony. So wonderful English humour. Love it..(-:

Somehow I suspect every man knows the feeling. It portrays great emotion. Great sketch Anthony.

Posted by Bob Ward on Thu 14 Feb 18:31:23

the thought was there and that is what counts !! like it

Love your sense of humour Anthony. So well expressed. Thanks for giving me a hearty chuckle.

Ha ha! Love it. We’ve been married 50 years and your drawing sums it up exactly!

Fantastic! Very well drawn still chuckling.

Great. Made me laugh out loud.

O wow this as made me chuckle ! It's how it is with us old ones lol .it's a great drawing

So funny and so well drawn :)

Poor chap, at least he knows which day it is - quite an achievement as we get older. Love it.

This made me smile. Brilliant.

Great humour, Great sketch !

Made my day!

My wife of 60 years (in April) just said to me, "This is Valentine's Day!" just as I opened this drawing. Anthony, you have just saved my life! I still have the 1st card she sent me 60 years ago - a collector's item!

Well Alix and Frederick you've both just made my day! Surprised I got this past the censor...

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Oh well...

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