Golden Wave

Golden Wave Aug 19 12x15 £190

Warnock has won; Ossoff is about to win; what can I offer in grateful thanks that sanity is returning to America after four horrendous years but my painting from 2019; enjoy; love and God bless, with prayers for the next four years for our American friends! Andy

This is great news and a great wave.

Thank you, dear Linda; I can't stop smiling!!!! Hope is returning to America and to our world!! Much love and God bless!! xxx

Love the rhythm, colours and drama here, Andrew. Yes, things tend to get worse before they then get better and we will be in the optimistic soon very soon. God bless you too and keep you and your family safe.

Thank you dear Carole for the comments re the painting and also re the political swing! It looks like Mitch McConnell is out of a job; as I write this Ossoff's win has not been called but it's certain anyway! A great day for democracy, America, our world not least re climate change ; much love and God bless, Andy xx

A great rising wave and hopefully it mirrors the rising of more compassionate leadership.

Thank you Christine, and I pray so! Love and God bless, Andy x

Wonderful colours in the sweeping tide . I applaud the sentiment you’ve attached to the painting Andrew , great xx

Thank you Linda for that lovely feedback; love and God bless, Andy 🙂❤xx

Love this painting, Andy. The power of the water as it rises up to a powerful surge. As I hope that the incoming government with the new president will do. .

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In honour of Georgia returning the Senate to the Democrats today, I offer my painting of August '19 in grateful thanks

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I’ve always loved water, its movement, its colour, it’s power. I had the privilege of working as a hydrologist for nine years before ordination, necessarily but enjoyably observing the movement of water in full flow or even in floods. That was thirty years ago but my love for moving water has not…

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