Storm Front

Storm Front

I think you've used this canvas really well and I like how you've painted this scene too (and the explanation!)

This is great fun, I really like it!

I like this - it's a great composition for a long, thin canvas. I've seen waves this high battering the promenade at Douglas on the Isle of Man. You can almost feel the wind!

Thanks all - glad you like it!

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A friend was disposing of a long narrow canvas print from IKEA and asked if I wanted it to overpaint - which I did. It's pure fantasy as waves that big would probably kill anyone or anything on the sea front. I think the child in the red raincoat might possibly the daughter of the dodgy looking bloke in the brown mac. Alternatively it's the killer from that film "Don't Look Now". Who knows?

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I was painting a lot up until 2015, but things dried up when I moved and undertook a house renovation. During this last year, I've been stuck at home and like everyone had more time on my hands. Thanks to Grayson Perry for giving me a kick to restart. I paint in watercolour and acrylics and…

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