A Spoonful of Sugar


Good for you Andrea, a lovely story. Great detail in your picture.

Fabulous story and a fabulous painting!

I love the detail, and a great story.

Lovely painting and story. It's good to paint with a personal angle.

Thank you Frances, she was a beautiful bee and I was hopeful the spoonful of sugared water trick would work. So glad it did! :- )

Thank you Heather, it was a little nerve-wracking waking in the morning and wondering if she was ok. I woke at 7am and she woke at quarter to ten! (I guess we all appreciate a little lie-in after bed and breakfast away somewhere!)

Thank you Katy, first time I have had a bee sleep-over at our house for sure!

Thank you Jennifer, she stayed at ours over 14 hours and by the time she left, I already knew I wanted to paint her portrait - so I took a quick photo while she was busy!

Thank you Linda, sometimes you go looking for inspiration and sometimes inspiration literally comes to you! So glad we had our window open that evening.

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This queen bumblebee flew through our open bathroom window a couple of weeks ago and appeared too exhausted to take off again. We tried the teaspoon of sugared water trick, but she fell asleep soon afterwards and ended up sending the night on the tiles (!) She was fine again the next morning and flew off confidently with that signature zig-zag. I like to think that she’s well on her way to establishing her nest right now. I hope so :- ) 10 cms square. Oil on canvas board.

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