Veterans, The Stade, Hastings

Veterans, The Stade, Hastings

Fabulous. I'm not trying to be rude, but the vehicle and the man complement each other somehow if that makes any sense at all.

I love this. It's wonderful :-)

Thanks, Gudrun and FM. I think it is helped by the man being in blue and the tractor in yellow - hangs things together.

My husband and I spent a lovely day in Hastings last week and were intrigued by those rusty old tractors, are they actually still used, they didn't look as if they would move? Lovely painting, it works so well!

Yes, Christine, they are very much in use. I saw one of them hauling up a fishing boat. I found I loved rust and grot when I was at art college in London and the Thames at low tide in those days had all sorts of bits and pieces revealed! My husband always says that I go off seeking '"rubbish" when we are on holiday - well, a view with a gnarled and twisted tree is more exciting than straight-up trees and crumbly old villages are more appealing than something that looks like a lot of holiday lets!

You've captured a pair of old characters perfectly Alix...they compliment one another.

Thanks, Fiona. They were easy to put together!

I'm sure I saw this at ROI? Even better in the flesh so to speak.

Absolutely right, Gudrun! Thanks for the compliment. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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Everything on and around The Stade, Hastings is fascinating. These old tractors that haul the fishing boats up the steep shingle beach are full of character. I saw this old man on the beach and tried to engage him in conversation while I made very discreet notes but he was more a grunter than a gossiper! Anyway, I got enough to put the idea for this picture together.

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