Norfolk Coastal weather


Powerfully depicts this coastline - very well done.

This is really good, like it a lot

Good solid expressive oil painting Alice, nice start to your gallery!

This is lovely - lively brushwork and beautiful colours and atmosphere.

Great atmosphere captured here.

Lovely palette Alice.

Really like this Alice 👍😀

A stunning, atmospheric piece. Love the palette and brushwork.

Thats a great painting . Full of life and movement. love the palette too

Great painting Alice, love the palette and your style.

This has the look and feel of a big bold painting Alice, but I see it’s actually quite small! Interesting and impressive how much atmosphere and detail you’ve packed into it. Is this your usual size or is it a precursor for a larger work?

Thank you for all your kind comments .,.am new to posting on paintersonline .In answer to the question about size ,I had a lot of mdf 5x7” to use during lockdown .and wondered about how much paint I might get through !.it’s been interesting to be so tiny,I have rather enjoyed it ,mixed results though ..this one was yet another reworking of another ,most are posted on my Instagram .Best Wishes

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