Greywalls Hotel Gullane

Greywalls Hotel Gullane

This works really well, Alan - I like the way the figures are silhouetted.

Has a lovely freshness about it.

Like it - it has a sort of thirties quality to it; maybe the limited colour palette?

Beautifully clean and bright watercolour Alan.

Lovely to see your work Alan. Miss your stories and jokes at the Dedham Hall dinner table!!!

Thanks for for looking at this. Just trying to find a way to cope with my weak shaky hand. In good company because I remember James Fletcher Watson overcoming the same problem by supporting his right hand with his left! Anno Domini! Barry would that be the one about the American trying to buy stores in the Village Shop? Can't put it on-line but you have brought back fond memories.

Hang on Studio Wall

than the matchstick but not so forgiving. Anyway I thought it was worth trying with the restricted palette

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