Coton Mill Farm & Barns near Milwich.

farm under snow

Love the winding path and the foreground field designs, with the warm pinkish tones and admire the subtle, distant, fading Alan.

I love the feeling of depth in this one Alan- all the way from foreground to middleground & aerial perspective in the background.I also like the slightly lower tone in the sky making the snowy fields stand out . Lovely.

Love the subtlety and restraint in your paintings Alan .Beautiful.

Lovely work Alan, I do a lot of walking and often stumble across a beautiful scene always take a sketch book and camera.

This is lovely - I so want to be there and walk on that path

A airy feel of winter scene and so much interesting colour.

Great work Alan, you've captured the winter sunlight brilliantly.

Very nice Alan. That little bit of height from your viewpoint creates a lovely panoramic view across the fields - I think makes a much more attractive view than from lower level. The tall dark trees give a focus and the receding ever paler tones of the trees and hedges give a lovely sense of distance.

This is beautiful. It is the sort of picture I would hang on my wall at home if I had the space. Why? because it takes me there, to the place where the snow is freshly fallen and the farmer is worrying about how he or she is going to get to feed his sheep today? A scene from The Archers perhaps? More snow to come, I think...

A beautiful painting that has so much to see in it. Your eye is led through the painting taking in all the detail to the distant hills.

Brilliant work Alan.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement, always appreciated.

So very good, Alan. Makes me [almost] want to return to Worcestershire!

Beautiful soft muted colours and superb composition, Alan.

What a beauty Alan! Love those smokey greys and blues of the trees and hedges, they make a wonderful contrast to the snow colours.

Lovely composition, Alan. I especially like the bottom half with the hedgerow details and colours against the snowy ground.

I love the light in this

Alan an excellent painting, everything about it is so good.

The winding path is a great lead Into this scene, some would suggest opening the gate but thn the sheep would run out!

Always recognisable Alan, I think it must be the palette and composition...not to mention the general skill.

Beautifully done Alan.

Posted by Emma P on Sun 16 Feb 11:10:37

Makes me want to walk in the snow. Lovely

Beautifully painted, Alan

Beautiful composition Alan, and shows that snow is anything but white! Lovely job.

Great work as usual Alan!

Very impressive. I have a feeling of peace and would like to be there. even though there is snow, I get a sense of warmth.

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16 x 20in oil on board. Another local scene worked up from recent sketchbook material. My rural area is filled with simple but interesting old farm buildings, which all help to add interest to a landscape. Top Tip: It’s useful to refer to an O/S map for places to explore off the beaten track, I find it invaluable!

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