Red Rocks St Ives

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Love the ruggedness and palette.

Love the rocks and the movement of the water.

Love the vigour of this.

I love the feeling of being right down at the level of the water, of feeling it at my feet and being ready to step back if there's a gentle wave.


Thanks all for your feedback and enthusiasm

A very appealing painting. It draws me in and keeps me there.

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted on an Art workshop in St Ives 2018, I was exploring a new medium of oil paints. Experimenting with different techniques, of brush and palette knife. I wanted it to be expressive yet mysterious.

About the Artist
Richard Collison

I've been painting for a few years now. Interested in more abstract works of landscape, the nude and conceptual ideas. Work mostly in oils, acrylics and watercolour, though I have some work in pastels, or inks. I prefer a more expressive style with brushwork, bold contrasts and often colour. My…

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