A tongue-twisting limerick.


Great limerick and character.

Excellent Lewis

Great figure and it is a tongue twister, having tried it several time.

Great character and I can’t say the limerick Lewis!

Great character Lewis, managed the limerick after a few attempts!

Love this Lewis.

Brilliant Lewis ! Not one to learn " off by heart " !

What a brilliantly drawn character Lewis, those hands are fantastic!

Brilliant, Lewis!

Brilliant once again Lewis.

Thanks everybody for your very generous comments.

Brilliant Lewis, hands are amazing and I love his expression. Very difficult tongue twister

WonderfulLewis. Love that nose.

Another great one Lewis.

Irresistible to try the tongue twister, how do you untie your tongue afterwards?

Another to brighten my day, thank you Lewis! Great drawing!

Hard to get your tongue round that Limerick! Love those hands and the eyes rolling upwards as he plays. Great character.

Thanks for your comments everybody.

Another genius caricature - or invention, I expect. It's a detail, but I love the way you've shown his ear, sort of shimmering through the hair .... and if the limerick is also of your invention, it beats Edward Lear by a long way.

Brilliant Lewis, made me smile, thank you.

Hang on Studio Wall

Not my limerick, one I came across whilst looking for something else. No authors name, so another anonymous limerick. Gouache with text added in photoshop. A4.

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