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I destroy most of my obviously bad pictures .... sometimes paint over them, but on the whole I'd rather just put a boot through them: it's therapeutic! I think I might be able to work on the first one I posted, if I tried painting it all over again, the second - no: I could perhaps work on a bit of it: but on the whole - I think Sylvia has it right.  Move on, do something else.   We cannot always succeed!  
I've ripped up quite a few watercolour paintings  and put them on the fire, reused canvas boards. I have posted  disasters one, when I tried to use masking fluid on heavy duty cartridge paper, it was a scene of a lighthouse, what a mess. No matter how many years we've been painting or the medium we use, there's always something learnt along the way. Look forward to that, Sylvia.

by C Jones

Yes, you can't always get things right.  We all know this, but it's still frustrating when it happens.  I guess if you're working in acrylic or oils there's always the thought that you can turn things round.  Even then, sometimes it must be better to start again.  Just lately I've been using the backs of pictures I didn't like.  Which means I'm unlikely to run out of paper any time soon.
There must be something in the air I have just had a clear out of old painting , prompted by buying a new best easel with draws for tubes of pain . Bought as a space saver then looked at the area taken up by old painting, some I have kept well a lot really, other in the recycling bin or if big enough to reuse . There were some disaster in the batch and a surprising amount of started and got board of or don’t like it’s . Maybe we should have a my disaster painting thread one day, if we dare embarrass our selves, well a bit more than usual in my case .
Dixie, I think that's a great idea to put on view our disasters. I'm in. There must be something in the air, as I haven't made it a rule to use the backs of a painting to do another. I did one the other day of a seascape at daybreak, the original a Cyclamen plant, and I've also taped a painting of a Cosmas flower to the board ready to paint on the reverse, I'm not too fussed on the end result of the plants so recycling then in a way.
I'm sure I can find a few (more) disasters!  Have I the courage to show them is the question...... but I'm thinking of a few e'en as we speak...
Go for it, Robert, the world will keep on turning, I promise.
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