Working from a photograph

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Hang on Studio Wall
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It's really good watching all the steps Paul and the painting is looking beautiful.
Thank you Denise . I was a bit worried as I had painted my self into a corner, the whit patch in front of the barn looked quite daunting. I decided to just have it as a plain grass area and let the barn do the talking. I then added some wire to the fence post, and some birds . As I looked at the painting I thought a horse would look ok in the field but not in detail. I think it’s finished but I will leave it till tomorrow before deciding.  A close view and one from further back. I think I might take the larger bird out of the tree and add a bit more yellow on the right.
The finish painting, I decided to remove the bird sat in the branch above the gate and add some yellow to tree the right. Stopped here as if I don’t I will start to fiddle with it. A lot of difference to the original photo, but that’s what I wanted nothing pre plans  the scene just evolved . I was inspired by the photograph due to the trees and the misty light in the field, the gate was a big factor in the view. I’m pleased with the outcome bit fearful that it might be a bit twee. Photograph and final painting.
I don’t think it’s at all twee Dixie, and it’s a really well balanced painting. I love the addition of the horse and the haziness of the distance which makes us want to wonder what’s there. A very satisfying result!
I also love the additions you have made and think it's such a wonderful  scene.

by Denise Cat

Lovely work,   You mentioned on my post that you don't use pastels that often, have you ever thought of using them on the finished watercolour, you can get some stunning effects and bring out the textures too.   I am terrible at watercolour. I have only used it as a base for a landscape then overlay parts with pastel. 
I must admit I’m usually very against using other people’photographs I always think that they are someone else’s concept.  But pandemic and soddin weather plus a few aches and pains are softening my view.  Though I have a lot of sketches and my own photos to fall back on.  You appear to be using the pic for reference and making it your own.   Enjoy.   
Grrrrrrr I’ve doubled up again.

by Sylvia Evans

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