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Hang on Studio Wall
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Looks like I missed the "interesting" post on here.  Never mind, I could always show my idea of what a gold frame around someone's  painting would look like to start another lively thread (a joke for those that know). Better not though.   Re two wheels, last bike I had was a Norton Commando but that was a long time ago.  Quite fancy another but SWMBO has put her foot down and banned me from going down that particular route, although my Porsche 911 makes up for it a bit!
Steve Andrews on 14/05/2021 19:10:56
Porsche 911? Steve you brand dropper... I’ve had plenty of P60’s and more than my share of P45’s but not one of those I’m more an Alfisti to be honest and I won’t mention Vincent at all

by Justin Twigg

Moi - a brand/name dropper?  When I zoomed Will and Kate this morning and mentioned it they said that as I had my Porsche "on the board" at the moment - WIP below - then this was ok! 🙂  Never had a Vincent, very jealous, but did have quite a few other bikes.  Seeing Anth's Automatron gave me an idea and thinking of using the present WIP as the basis of a SteamPunk Porsche!
It’s all gone a bit tangential - I like it 😁 Steampunk Porsche? This I need to see! My next painting’s sat on the drive feeling sorry for itself - need to find a suitable background for it:
Anth, how about something extraordinary and fantasy as background?
Anthony, if you have to do four wheels that’s the one! My brother-in-law had a Vincent and later an Ariel Square Four. My start on two wheels was a humble affair, I saved up five pounds and bought a secondhand Lambretta when I was 15. It got me into trouble with the police....no tax or insurance and I think it was past the point of an MOT! What fun though. My dad bought me my first proper bike....don’t laugh....a Honda 90! A few different ones over the years and my last baby was ‘Bruce’ the Buell 1200 Lightening. What a bike! I do miss it ❤️
I’ve never done bikes but I love looking at them - I really want to paint some, just need someone with a Harley or a scooter to ask for one!
Definitely go for the scooter Anth, particularly one with all the mirrors, lights, chrome and obviously the fox tail. Have a look on google at some of the works of art on two wheels. Some of them have unique paint work......stunning. There might be a local Lambretta or Vespa club....or some old mod might have one tucked away in his shed.
A friend of mine has half a dozen scooters, absolutely stunning all of them. Just put my car up for sale so you never know...
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