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Hang on Studio Wall
Whilst sorting through a stack of old painting I came across this one .  Done in 2005, if I remember I was influenced by painting I had seen of and thought I would do something similar. All respect and honour to the original art  for the idea in the first place, though I think they were quite different. So up to date  my idea was to have another attempt to see how I might do it different . The initial sketch for the new painting I though I would do the fruits overripe and starting to burst.
Base colours added.
The original looks beautiful Paul, it will be interesting to see what you do this time around.
I think it going to be  lot different this time Denise .I have added a few wasps and I know I need to be bolder with the dark areas.
The first painting was good, Dixie.  But I suppose it's interesting to revisit and rework old ideas.  The new version looks like is going to be a winner, too.
That looks lovely, Dixie, lively.
Thanks Lew and Carole for commenting.  I was happy with the first painting Lew but thought I would like to give it another go more from the point of how would I do it now. I had no preconceived ideas just going along with it hence the sudden addition of the wasps. I’m also using brighter colours than originally what I’m conscious of is I will need to be a bit bolder the darker colours I think. 
It’s still on the board as you can see and not dry. I think it’s finished but then toy with the idea of making the dark area centre right even darker . I’m shying away as I don’t want to spoil what I have done.  I’m mindful of a comment Robert Jones made in another thread about watercolour painter not using bolder darks , my words not his. I do agree that I and I notice other watercolour painters tend to use less darks that other mediums. I will give it a day or so before posting on the gallery.
This has worked well - you've got a good balance of tones, which is where I do think some watercolourists fail, and interest wherever you look in the painting.   It's well drawn, too - which watercolour nearly always has to be, because it's a swine for showing mistakes!
Thank you Robert for  your comments I do value your opinions. 
I also prefer the palette in this one, Paul.