First ever painting

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Hang on Studio Wall
Hi guys. I hope you can help. This is my first  painting ever lol it’s a work in progress. I’m not quite sure how I got the clouds so wrong (I did watch some videos believe it or not) and I’m not quite sure just how to make it more like the photo lol any advice would be greatly appreciated. I plan on adding some of the brown ferns next  Many thanks 

by Matt Roberts

Exciting stuff, the first painting started. Sometimes it’s daring to start that’s difficult. Is it acrylic, Matt? Looking very carefully is the key, grass is not just green, clouds are not just white etc. Ask yourself, “ what are the properties of clouds? Are they soft and hazy, especially at the edges? Practise some colour mixing, especially with the greens and blues - they’re not quite right but it all takes time. Well done for going for it!

by Marjorie Firth

I’m not sure if I’ve made it better or worse. Haha I think it might be time to give up on this one and spend some time on figuring out how the hell to paint clouds. Think they’re killing this lol
Sky is better, not so harsh. Why not do some small sky /cloud studies. Use small squares of card or smooth cardboard, 6”x6” max. Cover with white acrylic first( or gesso, but maybe you don’t have that yet)and let it dry. Look at some “real” clouds and sky colours. Have a go. Look at the shadows in the clouds, the different colours and shapes, how they change nearer the horizon.

by Marjorie Firth

Happy start Matt.   Some good replies from Marjorie.  Have a look at colour mixing sites you can find them on Google.   Buy some mixing white  it will soften your colours...but mainly , enjoy your journey.  
Thanks guys really appreciate all the help :) such a learning process but already discovering things I would and wouldn’t do again. Thank you. Any help always much appreciated 
Good advice there from Marjorie.  You've noticed the difference between the colour of the sky and the sea - not everyone does!  The sky is too intense in tone - ie. too dark in colour in this case - needs to be lighter, and it helps if you can paint the clouds into the blue rather than on top of it.  But your first painting - wish mine had looked like that!
Good advice from Marjorie.....I’ve followed a few of her tips. Robert, too is great for good tips. A lovely start. Don’t be too impatient, take your time. Keep going.
Ah you are all too kind... but very helpful! Thank you I feel a bit better now haha inspiring clicking your profiles and seeing your work!
Hi Matt just looking at your first picture good start with no tuition. i tell my class for every minute painting you nee 5 minutes looking . see how the grass is not an area of green its lots of tufts each individual in shape and colour, the sea is horizontal lines of green and blue all varying in shade. never give up on a painting put it to one side were you can see it and start another....enjoy..
That's really nice.  I especially like the the mix of colours in the grass.