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Hang on Studio Wall
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Excellent painting Anth looks so good .
Marjorie, yes, this one’s a commission - with a patient owner luckily enough! Going to have a little rest once it’s finished 😁

by Anthony Knight

Had a cracking afternoon and got the engine finished: The car is so close to finished now - only taken six months! Then it’s all of the roadside rocks, and we’re done.
I'm so pleased to see it takes you so long to finish a painting, because I've been working on one for about a month, and thought it a hugely long time.  Compared with you, I'm up and at it with the speed of lightning.  Well, we take our time: why not?  You're doing a brilliant job with this: just completely brilliant - I'm lost in admiration, frankly; superlatives have worn themselves out like an old tyre on a racing track....  It'll be a cracker when it's finished.  
I often think to myself that it’s just as well I haven’t got to make a living out of this! On the other hand, whilst I was furloughed last year I flew through several gets in the way and all that 😁
Barring some work on the background, and the surface underneath the car, this one’s done.  It’s reminded me of my amazing capacity for procrastination...six months work but managed to put the really difficult bits off for the first five and a half! Hopefully will be completed early next week and off to the owner.
Spent tonight painting the first stage of the rocks and stones under the rod: Once this is (hopefully) dry tomorrow, I’ll add another, darker plane to the stones to give them some substance, then add some smaller stones of varied colours in with a wee brush. Once all of that’s dry, I’m going to glaze the whole area with a Payne’s Grey/raw umber mix, to darken the whole shadow down. Nearly there!
Got the rocks and stones under the car finished today - just the bits to the right and a wash over the shadow to darken it down a touch, and we’re done. 
Looking really good.  I'd love to see and hear the car in the flesh.
Looking really good.  I'd love to see and hear the car in the flesh.
Steve Andrews on 08/04/2021 15:42:47
It’s amazing Steve, the work that went into it is incredible! If you’re ever up this way once things return to relatively normal, you’ll have to come and have a look.
I did put the finished article in the gallery but what the hell, here it is again. The owner was chuffed with it, looking forward to seeing it framed.
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