Albert dock

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Hang on Studio Wall
Just starting this image of Albert Dock. using. masking tape for clean edges. Any tips on water?
Hi Oke Just seen your painting of Albert Dock a place I've drawn and painted many times. If your still having a problem with water..its all to do with reflection,  an easy way is drawing horizontal lines in watercolour then lightly brush over with water. Zoom in to the water  on my painting...Best of luck.. 
For a start, I’d do away with the masking tape! You won’t find pristine crisp edges on a dockland scene, check your reference photograph and you’ll see! Just make sure that all the reflections from the buildings are kept vertical and correspond to the walls of the buildings. Water will (to a greater extent) reflect the sky colour but not necessarily. Take into consideration the colours from the buildings but remember that these will always appear darker when reflected in water. My advice would be to just loosen everything up a bit, it’s a great subject with loads of potential to let loose and express yourself!