Abandoned Ford Pick Up

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Hang on Studio Wall
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Hi Linda, Thanks for your comments and yes I think you have a fair point about the roof. I am going to take some time and think about how to lift some of the colour out. I have one advantage in that I did a practice barn (2nd pic in this string), so I can have a try with a couple of different methods to see what works, without having to work on the actual piece. I can then cut out the practice piece and lay over the finished picture to see what I think and then make a final decision. It's good to have another artists perspective so thanks again.
Great painting, not that I'm experienced but If I was doing similar, I would put a massive hole in the roof, leave a little of the rusty roof and replace it with sky. 
Beginning to have a look of Andrew Wyeth about it!
I love it Malcolm! My favourite subject matter, beautifully executed. As for working method, to me there is no right or wrong, it’s what works for you - mine has been referred to as ‘painting by numbers’ by a couple of unkind souls :) I look forward to seeing progress on the background.
Also just noticed you’re a fellow member of the GMA - was just going to ask if you knew of it, spooky!
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