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Hang on Studio Wall
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Well done! I must confess that I’ve never heard of him... Just had a look online, some nice watercolours, unfortunately he’s no longer with us!
Alan Bickley on 01/06/2021 09:14:57
It is sad he has passed away. Always a great loss when talent leaves the world. I'm glad to read you took the time to have a look at his work, well worth it :)
I am glad you found it . Well done you.
Sylvia Evans on 01/06/2021 13:06:00
Ordinarily I would have said, Oh, pop to this, and let it go, glad I didn't, now. As I said to, Alan, well worth the effort.
https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2009/jul/09/obituary-john-lidzey I remember John Lidzey's work very well - surprised I didn't recognize your rendition of it, though might have done if I'd seen the film/read the book on which you based your versions.  I'm sure he wrote articles for The Artist in his time - as the obit to which I've linked says, he hated wishy-washy watercolours - wasn't afraid to use strong darks in his paintings, from which so many watercolourists flinched, and some still do.   The obituary is well worth a read.  
Thanks for the link, Robert. My versions are in the shadow of John's work, but well worth the effort of trying to gain a better understanding of how watercolour can be used. I can understand why you didn't recognise my renditions. Back in 2004, I was still getting to grips with painting, Roland Hilder is another artist with strong contrast. After all these years of trial and error I'm still hoping to achieve this eye-catching work, so far I've enjoyed the process, and this is what painting is about, enjoyment. I'll read the obituary, on your recomendation, Thanks, Robert.

by C Jones

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