Anyone have any idea who artist is?

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Hang on Studio Wall
Just been clearing mother-in-laws house and came across this oil on canvas. It's at least 55-60 years old and the artist signature is pretty undecipherable. Any help in identifying would be much appreciated. Thanks
It looks like a mass produced Chinese painting for the European market - could easily be 50 years old, they've been at it for a long time.  You'll never find the artist, even assuming there was just one of them, these pictures are the result of production-line techniques.  Looks to be in good condition, and - it is what it is.  But what it is isn't valuable - not that you asked about that.  
I think the frame also adds credence to Roberts observation.  Adrian Childs.....that Adrian Child’s ? 
I agree with Robert - mass production on a grand scale.  It’s the dreaded stippling technique which is generally associated with this type of art, as well as painting knives!

by Alan Bickley

Yes I agree its the kind of painting that you could buy from furniture shops in the 70s and 80s!!