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on the subject of computer art: Has anyone tried art academy on DS ............ Did you find it useful ??????
In my wanderings around the net, I saw this.  It's Nintendo Art Academy DS...don't know what DS studies?? I looks interesting, but I have no knowledge of it.  I like digital art, and wish I could do some, but my hands aren't steady enough.  (At least for the digital software I have...ancient now, in digital terms).
Duel Screen... it’s certainly not a mainstream design programme.

by Alan Bickley

Am no wiser - mind you, I could always take the trouble to LOOK.....  On the whole, though, the only computer programme I use is Paint, and then not to create a finished piece but to play about with possible compositions and approaches.  I've seen quite a lot of computer-generated art - some of which is interesting, and it does seem to require a considerable degree of skill and judgement: when it works.  However, I've also seen programmes which seek to reproduce techniques in oil, acrylic, and gouache - very few of which seem to me to work at all; and those which attempt a version of watercolour, at least those I've seen, fail utterly on every level in my opinion.   Abstract compositions, layered paintings, tend to work better.  But I've not had any desire to use the computer to make art - so no, haven't used art academy, or ArtRage!, or other applications; they may be helpful in planning, but that's about it so far as I'm concerned.
Took a quick look at a YouTube tutorial - a quick look because terminal boredom set in very quickly; not for me.
Intend to investigate the use of the iPad for sketching whenever I can get round to it, but like many digital matters I can always find reasons to prevaricate. I have also intended for quite a while to investigate Facebook as there are some Facebook groups I might like to join, but I'll get round to that tomorrow...or maybe the next day, or...
There are some good FB groups (and SO many ghastly ones!).  I like the Painting Best Practices site; Traditional Oil Painting; the Ron Ranson group (largely because not everyone on it is just a slavish copier of Ron Ranson).  Always open to suggestions for further GOOD ones.

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I have tried numerous art applications on my galaxy Tab A 8" tablet without any success, until I got a Broonel stylus,  of all the apps tried PENUP was the best and one of the its free..