Caron D'ache Gouache set.

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Recently I've been trying gouache and wrote a couple of things about my experiences in the forum.  As usual they prompted a lot of helpful suggestions and of the strengths of the forum.  I'd bought Windsor and Newton Designer Gouache...excellent.  John Inkson said he used Caron D'ache gouache and was pleased with it. I've just had a birthday, and got a set.  14 colours in pans, a tube of permanent white and a brush.  I have a preference for pans over tubes, that's what I use in watercolour.  Now, it's no big deal either way, but the fact that these Caron D'ache come in pans drew me to them.  This is my first use of them.... It's a pic for a pun joke that I've posted with the pun today. I found them a delight to use, pretty good opacity...maybe the W & N have a slight edge in the opacity stakes, but not enough to worry about.  So now I have a good combination of the W & N and these.  They perfectly suit my illustrative style.  For anyone wanting to try gouache I would recommend these...they come in a good sturdy tin box, great for you plein aire merchants.
Great character and the colours are quite vibrant. Are they expensive, Lew? I've often thought that they may be useful in doing Plein Air sketches, as gouache is probably less hassle to set up and carry around.
£32 Ron, although I had them as a present.  Caron sell them as 'artist's quality', I don't have enough experience with gouache to verify that...but I think they're great.
I meant to say I've also used a different sketchbook for this.  I normally use Strathmore, which I like very much.  But I couldn't get the one I wanted (temp out of stock) so I tried a Stillman and Birn sketchbook from Jackson's.  9" x 12" grey, 150 gsm.  They said it supports a wide range of wet or dry media.  (I usually get the Strathmore 300 gsm books when I can for wet media.)  But this book has been OK.  So far I've used it for water-soluble coloured pencils, pen and watercolour, and now gouache.  Obviously you'd use better paper for something you hoped to sell, but for someone like me who just likes messing about in sketchbooks, this one is fine.
Superb character and facial expression Lew! I also like gouache but only have the W & N small set and find using tubes that I waste quite a lot. Pans sound like an excellent idea and a better choice of colours also an advantage. As Ron points out, also good for plein air. I have a Christmas voucher yet to be used, so might look into the Caron set.
Smashing painting , Lewis, love that dicky bow. If you have a preference for pans over tubes, have a browse for 'himi' gouache in the jelly pans, they're 30ml per pan, I find them a lot nicer to use than solid pan gouache, and easier to use than tubes. The top is a good tight fit. I bought some in October, last year, and they are still moist. I painted a fruit still life, and posted it in the forum. I use these more often than my watercolour pans, now. 

by C Jones

Great painting Lewis, it made me laugh this morning. I do want to try gouache but not yet. I am getting to grips with oils at the moment but I will make a note of this product and get some in the near future. I really like the effect it gives. So vibrant.

by Denise Cat