September challenge

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Hang on Studio Wall
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Great painting Lewis! This subject really suits your style!
Thanks Katy, Hillary and Gillian.  Just remembered I was going to do something in gouache...still plenty of time yet.
Great sketch, Lewis, ideal challenge for you!
Thank you CJ.  No, I haven't tried gouache on black paper.   I'll have to get some.  I'm still finding out what I can and can't do with gouache. That teacher sounds like a full-bore martinet.  What a thing to scold you over!  I enjoyed the last two or three years of schooling, the rest was a bit iffey.
Lewis Cooper on 27/08/2020 10:25:45
I have painted with gouache on black paper as part of my art class earlier in the year, I really liked the effects, see attached. Now I know its not your subject(flowery) but I can imagine some of your characters on the dark background
That's excellent Hilary.  Love the way you have some leaves fading into the background.  I have to get more sketchbooks, I'll try a black one.
That’s super use of the black background Hilary, lovely effect.
Nice work, Lewis, and a smashing bit of humour. Your flower painting is 'eye catching' Hilary, a beautiful rendition of gouache on black paper. I found an old school photo of a small group of us before we performed our interpretation of a 'broom dance' for a Noson Lawen, we're in welsh costume, must have been about 14yrs of age. I'll try a manga style, good or bad, I'll post the result whether good or bad.

by C Jones

Just like to add, I've not done Manga images before, so, I have a book or two arriving Monday, for beginners. This will certainly be a challenge :) 
Thought I'd remove the image, as I'm not too sure about copyright. I know many books invite us to learn, but to then post the resulting effort into a public forum, not sure how this works, best to be on the safe side. .

by C Jones

My effort for this challenge (hardly any entries so far) - ‘getting ready for big school’ - probably the most daunting time of my schooldays, moving on to grammar school. 

by Jenny Harris

Thought I’d do this quick sketch of my school days before the month is out (In the days before health and safety and riding hats were invented!)
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