June 2021 challenge

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Denny, den for short, was the Fenland equivalent to Pax. If you had the LURGY in my home town in Essex meant you were IT. The main name was “TAG” that’s why I put them on what looked like a label, it is in fact a TAG.
Thanks Alan.  We all played the same games with local variations. 
Here is another playground game that was guaranteed to land us boys in trouble Jimmy Knacker. 2 teams of six. 
Quick sketch of a game we played in our street as a child called Queenie Eye. The rhyme went, Queenie eye, queenie eye, who's got the ball, I haven't got it, it isn't in my pocket, queenie eye, queenie eye, who's got the ball. The child throwing the ball would throw it backwards, then had to guess who had caught the ball. Usually played by 10 or more children.
Some very splendid pics and games illustrated here.   I remembered this one .  Knock down Ginger .  Tie a rope around the knobs of next door houses.  Then knock on the doors at the same time.  Then run like hell and peek around the corner and as you can imagine the doors being tugged open .  Naughty boys only.   My architecture leaves a lot to be desired but Sam dog is sitting on me.  

by Sylvia Evans

Nice ones Sylvia and Denise. I have never heard of yours Dennise, like wise I had never heard of tying door knobs together. In Essex when I was a lad, we always had a football at school, but never had goal posts, so we would take our jumpers of and pile them up for goal posts. we either played as many as you can for 2 teams and play proper football, or a game called Wembley, after the national stadium. We all picked our favourite teams, and took penalties,. if you scored you went behind the goal, if one missed you went to the back of the line, if no one else missed you were out, if someone else missed you took another penalty, this went on until there was only one left. If the goalkeeper saved the last penalty, his team one. As it was always the smallest lad they never really stood a chance. I can vividly remember the arguments we had if the ball went over a jumper, over if it was in or not.
You have nice “ movement “ in both of your figures  Alan.  Being a mere girl I wasn’t considered for football. 
Hateful bloody boring game, but not quite so boring as cricket - algebra in whites.   Knickers to school sports!
PS - I may be slightly biased here.  I was always the last to be picked for the footie team.  (Oh sir!  Not 'im! - ungrateful swine.)
I'm with you Robert never actually watched or played football coming from a rugby town, did once watch part of a rugby match, spent my youth cycling and climbing. 
Football, rugby, tennis, cricket, golf, motorsports... well, all sports, all bore me to tears to watch. So I don't. At school in NZ, we used to play a dangerous game called 'steps'. It was basically a game of hopscotch, but this version was up and down the steep concrete steps outside our classrooms. Needless to say it got banned after several ambulance visits! 

by Helen Martell

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