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Hang on Studio Wall
I am trying to finish off a watercolour/pastel from a sketch made in my happy hunting ground of Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield. (If you would like to see what this area is like, just search images in 'Flickr' or Google Images. ) The paper I rescued from a failed sky painted on Arches Heavyweight, Rough paper 600 GSM; almost a thick card. I wanted to post this as a WIP, but since my Windows PC 'blew up', I have been working with an Apple MAC 10. I am disgusted with the thing, as it simply will not recognise my Samsung phone or my Tablet, and I can't transfer images at the moment. As for the painting, I've been experiencing problems with autumn foliage, as my pastels are a little short of the necessary golds and reds' Thus I shall be finishing this with gouache. In the meantime, if anyone can advise me if there are any programs that will allow me to read my phone and tablet with the Mac, I'd be obliged. Otherwise it will have to wait until I have a new Windows PC. Then the Mac can go in the skip; and I mean that. It has been nothing but trouble since I bought it! Why people rave about them I simply cannot understand! Happy painting; John
I’m pretty sure that there’s nothing out there to enable transfer of data from pc to Mac (and visa versa) John. I’ve got a PC and the latest iMac, for me the iMac is outstanding for say photo editing as it has a calibrated high res screen image. They both have their good and bad points in my opinion. Google says Windows migration assistant is the answer for transfer between the two.

by Alan Bickley

We're an 'apple' family too... husband has a recent imac, I have his ancient one upstairs, amd we have ipads and i have one of those little ipods. I am by no means tech savvy with any of these things, but what infuriates me most is that all of them are different ages, so my ipad no longer communicates with the old imac, and is too old to communicate with the newer imac! If i want to transfer a photo from my ipad, my little ipod picks up the photo through the 'cloud', and then i plug the ipod into the computer and it transfers the photo. If I want to put any photos onto the newer imac, I have to put them on a memory stick via the old imac, take it downstairs, and plug it into the other imac! Or email it to myself and then open the email on the other thing. All a bit long winded, amd I'm sure there must be an easier way (without buying all new equipment that can communicate with each other!) Needless to say, I hate technology!

by Helen Martell

I’m a Mac user, I have been for years, as much as I love the apple range, over the last couple of years they have been making life awkward for themselves, and I believe they have lost some of the plot. What is it your trying to read of the phone tablet, is it photos?
I used to transfer from a pc to a Mac by using Dropbox, which is a remote cloud.  But I haven’t done that for years.  A memory stick will do it as Helen says.  Similarly sending by e-mail to oneself with a file attached will do it.  I have heard that I-cloud will do it too, but I haven’t used that.