Well that didn’t work, or my disasters.

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Hang on Studio Wall
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Some of these so called disasters are actually quite good and some of parts of others are particularly good and well painted .
Paul  (Dixie) Dean on 31/05/2021 18:54:39
Some parts of a painting do work, but on times its the faffing around with the bits that don't can ruin the paper. I save the good with the bad, and hope the bad ones are a reminder of where it all went wrong. This is a great thread it was a marvellous hour or having a rummage through things, even more so as, I found and cleared away so much cobweb and dust. And realised I need a good sort out, not a clear out, mind.
I completely get the notion that we all have our own reasons why something hasn't worked.  Others see things differently, this thread is interesting for that alone.  All three of CJ's look worth pursuing to me, I particularly like the undersea painting.  CJ thinks it gaudy.  The colours of tropical underwater-scapes are gaudy.  This appeals to me because the colour is bright.  We have these wonderful vivid colours at our disposal and seldom use them fully.  Just a personal view of course.
Lewis Cooper on 01/06/2021 05:09:26
A thought provoking post, Lewis, its good to read what others like and dislike in their work, I agree, its this feed back to others, from ourselves, that enables us when/if asked to give a critique, and as we all do here, in a honest and positive way. There was a lady on a writers forum, I used to pop into, she dived all over the world, and wrote about her experiences for various magazines. She posted this one into the forum, I asked if I could have her permission to paint it, she was happy for me to do so. She liked it also, the only bit I think is ott is the hanging coral, this is the saturation of colour it was in the picture. You have an eye for colour, Lewis, and I'm glad you like it as it is, so I'm not going to poch with it. Thanks Lewis

by C Jones

I agree with you Lew I think we have a tendency to paint in subdued colour , I know I have started to do so more now but not deliberately. I look at the bright colours of nature’s beautiful pallet and think it will look false in watercolour or paint any kind, now there’s a debate to be had. I know a lot of artist in America and indeed other countries tend to use more vivid colours, is this due to the light quality or a national trait . Another thought , hell this id getting risky all these thought before lunch, does cataracts affect your view of colours?. I will go have a rest now and take a couple of paracetamol as it to early for something stronger than tea. Forgive my ramblings folks .
CJ I also like your diving painting it very good and it would be sad to change anything about it , but as they say it your painting your choice .
Nowt wrong with a good 'ol ramble, Dixie, I do it all the time.  Just love your encouraging comments. its been in hiding for years, best leave well alone :)
An interesting thread Dixie, I have posted a thread like this where my Parrot / macaw hadn't quite worked because of my drawing. So I thought I would show this one. It is also of a bluebell wood, I used brushoff to try liven it up a bit, but as brush dose I got it all over.
I remember you doing the parrot painting Alan , I’m still amazed at how sometimes I can’t get the paint to do what I want and others it just seems to happen. I think sometime we try to hard or paint for the sake of it in my case not really thinking to much and oops it’s rubbish time . What is annoying is that like your painting there is some good stuff in there. 
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