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Hang on Studio Wall
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It’s really interesting Lewis to understand how you approach your work. I think that only you could consider this a dud because only you know what you intended and how this didn’t meet those expectations. To me, it looks a fantastic piece of work!
Lewis, don't they say that you should step back a bit to view a painting or if you are the painter, then leave it for a while before looking at it again.  In this case I think you have been too close to it metaphorically speaking and perhaps if it isn't exactly how you planned it then you are your own harshest critic.  However, I think it is absolutely brilliant.  It is really good and I believe most people will agree how incredible it is.  Well done, most worthy to put on the gallery so that others who don't frequent the forum can see it.
Thank you Katy and Steve.  I guess you're right, I've said similar things to other artists.  It's just that my picture doesn't say New York to me, it's not quite finished, and I've no urge to do anymore to it at the moment.  Maybe I'll post it.  
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