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Hang on Studio Wall
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I agree with all that has been said. I like other put a painting bin the gallery for others to see, inevitably not everyone is going to like it. There are so many reasons for this it’s not their thing, to bright colours etc . I do think when we post something we are worried about, we expect a negative response. I have done this with painting in unsure of and to my surprise they have gone down well, a big boost to ego and shows how we are our own worst critic. Put something in the narrative about not been sure about the painting, I now do this in the hope that someone will point out what it needs to improve it. 
I think on the whole that members of the POL site hold back from making any criticism, even of the constructive kind, with regard to items posted in the gallery.  It can come as a bit of a shock, I remember the first time I had some unsolicited, but constructive criticism, from the late Derek Snowden - someone I came to admire and respect greatly.  Even so it stung a bit, at first, but it was honest, helpful and he was absolutely correct, the darks should have been darker, and though he didn't say so, probably the lights lighter.  It's a tricky subject and no doubt many find it uncomfortable. either to give or receive.  Although I haven't used it - yet - the Work In Progress section of the forum would seem to be the place to go for advice, but I wonder how many users, especially, new users, of the gallery know it is there?  It certainly took me a little while to discover the Forum.
I agree there Tony. It took me quite a time to find the Forum and then a while longer to add any comments! I think mostly if people don’t like a work, or think it’s poor, then they don’t comment at all. I’ve never seen anything cruel here, only encouragement and helpfulness, especially at present when we’re unable to attend physical art groups and get other peoples views there. 
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