The Great Big Exhibition

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Hang on Studio Wall
Has anybody started to put their art works in their front windows yet?  The Guardian started this initiative about a week ago, launched by Anthony Gormley, who has suggested putting pictures of animals in your windows.  All with the purpose of clearing us up during lockdown.
No, haven't heard anything about that, Linda, a good idea though. In your last sentence what is meant by 'clearing us up during lockdown'?
I did hear him talking about it briefly recently. Most of my work wouldn’t be seeable in our front window from the pavement outside, too small!
Ha Ha I meant cheering us up!  Tessa. wouldn't the postman see it????????????

by Linda Wilson

Thought it was, but always best to ask :) It's worth the mention here, as others might spread this by word and mouth via other forums or in their family or friend bubble.
Linda, didn’t think of that! I still have Alan B’s postman picture in my window, so will give it some thought!
It is a wonderful Idea, you have refuse collectors, post people, people who deliver junk mail, people would see it and you might cheer someones day. There is nothing to loose by doing it. I will do it tomorrow.
Good for you Denise.  I hope more artists will do it.

by Linda Wilson