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Hang on Studio Wall
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Thanks for your feedback.  Yes Hilary, the photos of the gallery appealed because of the expressions of the viewers...very human reactions.  I don't want you to think I'm feverishly copying these pictures, I just admire them, and often they'll put me in the right frame of mind to do something myself. Obviously they sometimes directly influence a painting or cartoon.  Another pic by Doiseau.  When I saw it I thought what are the couple thinking...maybe it was of a time when they were younger and writhing about like the figures in the statue.  So I haven't copied it, but taken an idea from it...actually my idea of what it might be about. Some pictures I save because I find them simply beautiful... Above by Brassai, another brilliant French photographer. Brassie again. Above, Doiseau again.  Innocently erotic. And sometimes, the pictures are funny or odd.  In the picture below, the photographer probably said 'if you just lean back a bit...'

by Lewis Cooper

Fabulous pictures, Lewis, as are your paintings. The one with the husband and wife viewing the paintings, priceless :)
I am a bit behind the curve on this post, but the photo of the gendarme, looking at the painting in the window, is brilliant.  I can see how this would inspire one of your cartoons. 

by Linda Wilson

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