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Hang on Studio Wall
Hi all, time to introduce myself. I've been painting for five years now, struggling to find out where I fit in the vast landscape or art. I kept it mostly primarily to myself, but this year I want to share my art more to find my voice, get some feedback and start making some sales. My art tends towards the abstract, sometimes entirely so, but landscapes, seascapes, and the figure are my interests. I have tried many different media, but my focus is painting in acrylics and oils; but I also practice sketching in pencils, charcoal, and sometimes pastel to explore ideas. Here are couple of examples, the ones I'm proud of. Regards Richard  
Welcome to the forum, I would suggest that you start posting your work on the gallery, ask for critique if you want it. Problem with that is you can get so many conflicting answers, but you will get comments which can be encouraging to some artists. Two interesting pieces of work, don’t forget to give sizes and medium when you post. There’s also a WIP section on the forum, you may find that useful if you need advice along the way.
Wow Richard they look great.   Plus hello and welcome  .  Alan’s suggestion about putting them on the gallery is a good one you have a much wider audience, unless it is a work in progress WIP ,then pop it into n here.  Look forward to your posts ?
Welcome to the site Richard , some nice examples you have posted I agree  you should post the on the gallery. 
A lot of passion in those paintings - I'd have sworn they were oil paint, if asked; presumably you use heavy-bodied acrylic, and a good brand by the look of it.
Welcome, Richard. Those two examples of your work are fabulous. I agree with Alan, post them on the gallery. 
Welcome Richard, I really like the paintings you have posted. They are full of atmosphere and drama.
Welcome Richard, hope you find the place friendly and useful. Those two paintings are wonderfully atmospheric, would love to see more of your work in the gallery.
Thanks to all for your encouragement, suggestions and feedback, see you in the forums.