Reshaping brushes - Tip.

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I think we have all suffered from brushes that refuse to go back into their proper shape with a point and stray hairs that stick out in all the wrong places.  I seem to remember Robert saying that there was nothing that you could do about it.  However my husband found a tip in his model railway forum about how to solve the problem.  That is to use VO5 matt clay (a men's hair product) on the wet brushes, bring them to a point and let them dry. Then wash out the clay before reusing the brushes. It comes in tins the size of shoe polish which would last several lifetimes.  hope this helps somebody.
Hair gel works also- or wrapping the tips in paper, fold over the end and put a small clip on 
Don't remember the comment, but I think I was referring (or suspect I was) to knackered synthetic brushes.  You can usually restore natural hair brushes to some extent, unless the moth has got 'em. I didn't know about this product, though - so if I get a rotten old splayed-out synthetic brush again, I might give it a go.  Even though - wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a new brush?  Probably not, if you've got the product available and use it for its intended purpose... but give me any excuse to buy a nice new brush, and I think you know what I'd do.....
I think it was about a fiver.  Depends if you abuse your brushes or not, as to whether it is economical or not.  I expect hair styling solutions or mousse would also work as well as hair gel.  Thanks for the tip Rachel.  I've got several brushes setting at the moment, but with this wet weather, they take ages to dry.  I'll report back when they are ready.
Yes it works!