A new Wet Palette for Artists

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Hello everybody, I’m developping an artist's wet palette specifically designed for heavy body acrylics and gouache paints. I would like to know if painters would be interested and if you could help me? The idea would be that the palette would be ready to use, there would be a mold-resistant foam and a hydration membrane to keep paints fresh for days and the case would have a high-quality sealing system so that the paints stay stable. What else do you think could be useful for such a product? Do you think of anything? Would you need it to be transportable for example? How long would you need to keep the paints fresh between sessions? Thank you for your help 
Needs to be big enough, if you're aiming at professionals.  You'd be up against several other manufacturers, but that's a marketing issue for you to worry about.....  There are "studio-size" Stay-Wet palettes, but they're fairly expensive (and rather hard to find).  What I'd like - and haven't presently got - is a palette with not too many frills and extras, but ROOM - to mix, to lay the paint out.  So if you were just catering for me, you'd make something the size of an artist's large palette - say 12" x 16": mine is less than that, and frustrating to use because I soon run out of mixing space.
Hello, I'll keep that in mind! Thank you for your kind help. There would be 2 different sizes so that every painter can choose the best size depending on the way to paint and mix, where they paint etc. Here's our Facebook page for those who wish to take a look at our work! It is a small page but you'll find information about the wet palette. RedGrass Art & Light | Facebook 
Having looked at your website the palette looks pretty much sorted, it may not be in prduction yet but the design looks pretty much sorted.  Which is not the impression your post gives, especially your use of terms like 'would' rather than 'has'.  Methinks your post is a bit of a sly advertising ploy.
Hello and thank you for your time. We're still working on our wet palette and it is indeed not produced yet. It's important to us to have feedbacks from traditional artists to improve our product so that we can develop a painting tool that will help the artist's community.
You already make a 'redgrassgames' everlasting wet palette aimed at the market for painting miniature models.  Different name but same company logo I see.  Curious that you don't mention this on your website too.  Since this 'original wet palette for miniature painting' is 'celebrated by professional painters' and allows the user to 'Master advanced painting techniques with acrylic paints', I suspect you are just developing a scaled up version, which still looks to be in a very advanced state, and I still suspect this is a sly prelaunch advertising ploy.