I've got Norman's book back!

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Twenty odd years ago, I sold a job lot of books from my library - I had to move, I couldn't take them all with me - to be honest it broke my heart: but they had to go, and they made over £350, which financed my move (I bet that sum wouldn't do it now).  One of the books I sold was the late and great Norman Battershill's Painting Landscapes in Oils.  It's a lovely book - along with several others, e.g. Rowland Hilder's, I regretted its loss and wished I'd never parted with it.  Well the other day I saw it for sale on one the bookstores dealing with Amazon - I don't mind dealing with Amazon, because a portion of any money I spend with them goes to the Dogs' Trust.  So I ordered it, and it arrived today - so glad to have it back on the shelves; it's one of the most approachable and simple guides to oil painting, better than many more recent books (with all due respect to them: I think it compares well with Haidee-Jo Summers' excellent book), and if you can get a copy yourself, you should.  But you can't have mine.  

by Robert Jones, NAPA

I will definitely have a look at this book Robert and how wonderful for a portion of your money went to the dogs trust.