XXXora : The Newer Gender

XXXora : The Newer Gender

This is the debut solo art exhibition of the most controversial and emerging British young artist in decades. XXXora is an Anglo Spanish hermaphrodite visual and performance artist from London via Madrid who's controversial large figurative paintings are setting the art world a light.

Coming to London via Madrid, XXXora presents her debut solo exhibition, The Newer Gender, at East London’s Vyner Street Gallery from 14-24 June. Gleefully dancing on the borders of sex and gender, XXXora is an Anglo-Spanish, bilingual, hermaphrodite artist with an impressive performance career having been awarded a prize at the New York Independent Film Festival. XXXora’s charismatic and seductive personality and her work are closely connected. Her image is unforgettable – jet black hair, deep red lips, her face half-covered by a silver mask crowned by a unicorn’s horn – and her art owes as much to transgender and feminist theory as to Andy Warhol, Georgia O'Keeffe and the Dadaists. At the opening party on 14 June, masked performance artists – including XXXora herself – will confront the audience with the the third gender, even serving drinks as they take the crowd into a world where gender and sex are never less than powerful political and aesthetic tools. XXXora’s paintings – large figurative works on canvas, with a consistent, distinctive use of greyscale backgrounds and monochrome foregrounds – explore gender, celebrity and capitalism, their bold use of iconography forcing viewers to ask who has become prominent in the neo-liberal age and how they used the social constructs of masculinity and femininity to advance themselves. As questions mount about how Margaret Thatcher will be remembered (and buried), XXXora offers a visual critique of the Iron Lady’s image far more savage than anything in Meryl Streep’s most visceral dreams. Amongst the highlights are Margaret Thatcher’s Tea Party, where Britain’s first female Prime Minister is joined by others whose fame was magnified by their subversion of gender conventions – XXXora plays with the personas of David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Grace Jones, Boy George and Michael Jackson, who, as she tells the camera in one of several short films, “is like the real American dream … born a black man but died a white woman”. XXXora also exposes the dark side, too often forgotten, of the consensus that upheld the conservative regime and its ideology. Where the winners – androgynous superstars who did not threaten the hegemony of Thatcherism – appear the losers: Marx (and Marxism), and the miners defeated in the battles of 1984/85, frequently neglected in the glossy celebrations of England’s Eighties which reminisce about the New Pop and the nouveau riche. This was a time when working-class communities and politics were torn apart by Thatcherism, their traditional emphasis on masculinity challenged by the fashionable androgyny of pop culture, and when queer communities were ravaged by the government’s wilful ignorance of AIDS, and LGBT youth were silenced by Section 28. Now, XXXora traces a line from the suppression of gender variance and appropriation of androgyny to the increasing visibility of transgender identities, looking to a future where femininity is finally considered an equal to masculinity and where the space between male and female extends far beyond our wildest imaginations. NOTES FOR EDITORS Vyner Street Gallery is situated at 21-23 Vyner Street, E2 9DG in East London, the heart of London’s fashionable contemporary art district. A respected platform for emerging and established artists and photographers, the Vyner Street Gallery is particularly well known for its First Thursday, which showcases new work. Visit, email [email protected] or call 0797 048 4316. For more info on XXXora please visit email [email protected]


14 Jun 2012 - 24 Jun 2012

All day

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